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Rim uses the most modern processes to bottle the water. The pure water of Rim is channeled into our modern plant for filling and packing using the most sophisticated, up-to-date and fully automated technologies without any human intervention.

Our water reaches the plant through a food grade 316L stainless steel pipe and does not undergo any treatment whatsoever.

Rim is currently operating:

Two fully automatic bottling lines supplied by Krones AG for:

  • 0.33 L PET
  • 0.33 L Kids PET
  • 0.5 L PET
  • 0.5 L Sports Cap PET
  • 1.5 L PET
  • 2.0 L PET

All our single serve bottles are produced using 100% virgin, class-A PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate).

production graph 1

One line for 22L PC returnable bottles:

  1. The bottling, rinsing, and capping processes are carried out inside a neutralized and sterile room which guarantees the total hygiene of the product.
  2. Every gallon is cleaned and sanitized for around 6.2 minutes with a pressure of 6 bars using first class A European detergents conforming to international norms.
  3. Gallons are filled by volumetric electro valves in ultra clean rooms. Our caps are imported from abroad, and comply with the United States Food and Drug Administration requirements.

Good Manufacturing Practices include, but are not limited to, the use of suitable facilities to maintain sanitary operations and controls, and the management of personnel practices to ensure the cleanliness of the packaging product and to prevent contamination with microorganisms or foreign substances.

production graph 2