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Our laboratory guarantees the delivery of safe, clean and healthy water to consumers.

Food Facility Certificate of Registration
Food Facility Registration Number: 13627772446

Our in-house modern laboratory performs hourly, daily, weekly, and even monthly chemical, microbiological, and physical water tests:

  1. On the spring (before bottling)
  2. During the bottling process
  3. On the final product (bottled and packed water)

Rim water is tested and analyzed in accordance to LIBNOR (Lebanese Standards Institution), in addition to international standards.

Our water is naturally filtered through the geological layers of Mount Sannine in Lebanon, and gushes out from a deep underground channel free from all human contact then channeled by gravity via a stainless steel (316 L) piping network into our modern plant for bottling and packing using the most sophisticated and up-to-date technologies.

We at Rim Natural Spring Mineral Water s.a.l. are aware of the value of this natural treasure and do everything in our power to ensure the outstanding quality of our water.