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Lebanon can be proud of the unique and precious health-giving water of Rim.

The spring of Ain-As-Sayfieh emerges at an altitude of 1450 meters.

The preservation of the spring and the surrounding area has persuaded “Rim” company to launch a strategic campaign with two main goals:

  1. To protect the spring by:
    • Increasing the company owned real estate to reach 12 million square meters of land protected by a barbed wire fence to prevent the intrusion of livestock and maintain the purity of soil.
    • Using the most advanced methods in preserving the uniqueness of the geological nature, the safety of its soil, water, and snow, from any possible pollution in the future.
  2. Environmental safety zone: In cooperation with the German and the Lebanese Ministries of agriculture. The company has launched a campaign to afforest the area surrounding the spring with Lebanese cedar trees. The forest is now called the Lebanese-German cedar forest of friendship. This area is intended to become an exemplary protected zone guaranteeing environment safety, which will someday grow to compete with world-known authentic cedar forests. The purity of the mineral water and its ideal composition, are ensured by the fact that the natural environment remains untouched.

In this way, the eastern slope of Mount Sannine overlooking the wide Bekaa Valley will be a natural constantly replenished reservoir, for pure spring mineral water of a quality rarely to be found anywhere on the face of this earth.